Fascoma Int. has in-depth knowledge and understanding of the quality aspects of Carnaubawax and its uses. Both food-related, as well as technical applications. During many years we have facilitated and accompanied many customer audits at several partner facilities. Fascoma can supply Carnaubawaxes with numerous certifications including, ISO-22000 – HACCP – Kosher – Halal & Organic Certifications.

Our Carnaubawaxes are sold in a large variety of industries. From emulsions to dispersions. From release agents to glazing agents. From TTR (Thermal Transfer Ribbon) to Ink formulations and additives. Amongst the most traditional uses are Carnauba Car Waxes and floor polishes.

We can supply Carnaubawax in all available grades; T-1 Prime Yellow, T-3 Light Fatty Grey and T-4 Filtered Fatty Grey.

We can supply Carnaubawax in flakes, powder and pastilles (pellets). Besides the commonly used “loose-bag” shipments we can ship carnaubawaxes on 600 kg net up to 1.000 kg net pallets. Alternatively, we can also ship 500 kg net Big Bags (Super Sacks).

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